Monday, February 20, 2006

The allotment so far....

We got the alloment a few weeks ago and it didn't look like much to start with. There was a lot of old carpet covering the plot which had shed a lot of backing onto the soil. This wasn't too hard to pick up and the good thing is that it kept the soil warm and due to light deprivation, it killed all the weeds.

The allotment on our first day

It's half a plot which is about a 1000 sq feet which is plenty big enough for two people as a full plot is supposed to be able to feed a family of four.

The soil is like most London soil, very heavy in clay and on the first dig, it turned out that the fork and spade we had bought just wasn't cut out for it and they snapped and bent and we ended up having to take them back!

Dan did most of the hard work but I helped by breaking up the larger clods of earth.

As the first day was mainly spent getting to grips with the size of the plot and arranging our tools we didn't get much done but we did a lot more digging the next day.

We plan in total to have five beds. Four for vegetables and one fruit bed.

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