Saturday, March 05, 2011


Today I spent a couple of hours getting rid of our green manure and organic mulch, which the other plotholders have mockingly been referring to as “weeds and leaves”.

I then went home and hoovered our flat, a similar sized area, which took less than five minutes.

It occurred to me that what the world really needs is the allotment equivalent of a vacuum cleaner. Not a leafvac, but something that would pull up the top layer of vegetation and slugs, and collect it in a convenient compostable bag.

I suppose it would resemble a massive strimmer that collects its own strimmings.

Has anyone invented this? If not, I am going on Dragons' Den.


Helle Kristine Tumbridge said...

There must be some sort of low maintenance beast you can chain up which would consume the unwanted matter. I nominate Joseph, he's use to wallowing in slime, but to date, only of a political nature.

Dan Woods said...

I think you should do it, Helle. I will issue orders and make sure you keep weeding. If you let up at any point, I'll force you to sit in the brambles. I'll lend you my gardening gloves and wellies.

Joseph would be no use to me. He's a member of the Conservative Party, and our plot licence says we're not allowed to keep livestock.