Sunday, February 27, 2011


It was sunny this morning for the first time since July, so I went to the allotment to remove some of the weeds and leaves.

After about ten minutes, a member of the Committee, who I shall call Antonius, marched past. Antonius is a responsible and hard-working member of the Committee, but has a rather illiberal attitude to untidy plots.

He looked surprised to see me.

“Getting rid of the grass, are yer?” he demanded.

I thought about this for a moment.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“You was gonna get a Notice,” he said, and walked off.

I was going to explain that I was not pulling up couch grass, but harvesting green manure, and the unraked leaves were a new-fangled organic weed-suppressant mulch. But he had gone away, to improve the pathways.

We are, in case you're concerned, unlikely to get a Notice. Before you get a Notice you need to have received a Letter, and we have not received a Letter.

It has started raining again.


Dilys said...

I hope you manage to remove enough grass to please Antonius. I also did some weeding for the first time this year. I was intending to plant shallots, but the ground is very wet and heavy. That's in Scarborough, where garden things are usually about three weeks later than London.

Amy Ip said...

Alas, I am having to leave the digging to Dan. I haven't left the house since Friday. :-(