Saturday, April 22, 2006

Any dead slugs yet?

Yes there are! The beer trap caught about 12 on the first day. Then we set out some more traps and filled it with a different brand of beer and then we caught none! Further research reveals that slugs are very picky when it comes to what brew they like. They seem to like Fosters, but they don't like Sainsbury's Basics Lager. Apparently it's something to do with the fermentation they use. Some lagers use a sugar based process, whilst others use a more wheat based method. It's the wheat which is important as that is what attracts the slug. In fact there was an American study done on this and the published paper says that Budweiser is the alcoholic beverage of choice for slugs but we're going to try other brands first as Bud is a bit pricey to be wasting on slugs.

The nematodes solution has gone in but this was very tricky as the water supply has not been turned on yet at our allotment which meant that we had to haul water in three trips from our flat. We've also now put down some organic slug pellets to see if this will kill any more. Hopefully, this will wipe the slugs out!

As for growth, some of the tomatoes had to be repotted yet again as they are growing extremely fast. The squash has slowed down considerably and it may be due to the root disturbance it suffered upon transplanting.

Down on the allotment, the potato plants are looking excellent and we were complemented on them from a fellow allotment grower. The raspberry canes are flourishing and the pak choi, spinach and rocket appear to have germinated well.

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David Wood said...

Re your water shortage. I'm just wondering whether you would like me to drive down from Yorkshire with a large tank of H2O, as we have no hosepipe ban and a completely saturated garden.