Friday, April 14, 2006

Die Slugs, Die!

Slugs are evil. This is a fact. This is because they eat up all your hard work and they don’t care. It is because of this that we have decided to take evasive action. As we want to try to be organic, we’re not going to be using the usual evil slug pellets that not only kill slugs but also harm wildlife. After looking at several alternatives we have decided to start with traditional slug traps filled with beer as well as nematodes. Apparently slugs love beer and are lured by the scent to a watery end and we have made these out of yogurt pots with lids, punched holes into the sides, filled them with beer and then sunk them into the ground.

Now nematodes are a fairly new, organic and biological slug control. Basically they are microscopic worms and you water them into your soil and they get inside the slugs and kill them. They are only harmful to slugs and should a bird eat the nematode ridden slug, they will not be affected. We are using a brand called Nemaslug as recommended by Sarah Raven.

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Dan said...

I've used Nemaslug for the past few years and it works brilliantly for me- previously the little blighters were everywhere but there's never a slug in sight now. You should be able to start drinking the beer instead of drowning slugs in it soon!