Friday, April 14, 2006

Tom Toms and Squashes

Before we left for our adventures in Dubai, we planted some tomato seeds. We planted four varieties: Sungold, Gardener’s Delight, Brandywine and Sub-Arctic. These were chosen as lots of books have told us that they are tasty. We put them into small pots with compost at first and wrapped the whole lot in newspaper and left them next to the radiator. According to Sarah Raven’s The Great Vegetable Plot, you then have to wait a few days for them to germinate and then when they show any signs of life, you should take off the cover and put them in full sunlight which is what we did. They sprouted magnificently and then we had to leave them whilst we went to Dubai, hoping that they wouldn’t die whilst we were away. We came back and found that they hadn’t died. Huzzah!

A few days ago we transplanted them to larger pots and they are looking fabulous.

When we planted the tomato seeds, we also planted a seed from a butternut squash that we had bought from Tesco’s. Amy didn’t think that it would grow but she was wrong and it is growing very well. It has been put in a big pot after the initial germination as squashes don’t like root disturbance.

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